Catholic Religion: A Statement of Christian Teaching and History
Rev. Charles Alfred Martin.
  • ISBN : 9789351481041
  • year : 2016
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The book attempts to give what might be called a bird's-eye-view of Catholic religion, as developed under "the providence of God and the folly of man"; also presenting simultaneously interrelation of these facts to each other and to human life. The author deals with the theme in the language of daily experience and with a view to practical needs. Inter-alia, the first part briefly touches upon the religious needs and ideals of humanity--often vestiges of great truths that suggest a lost inheritance of knowledge--perceived by poets and philosophers, expressed by them beautifully but darkly, without the sureness and fullness of revealed truth: and so leads upto the historical facts of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and the supernatural revelation perfected in Him. The second part deals with the Christian Church, its origin and authority as a society and a teacher, and its relation to the Bible and to the religion of Christ. The third part deals with the practical and ultimate work of the Church, in the Sacraments that consecrate the several stages of the Christian's life. The fourth part presents a perspective sketch of the history of the Christian religion from its origin to the present time. This grounded presentation ends with a brief `Chart of Historical Data', clipped by an elaborate `General Index', thereby covering subjects like History, Christian Studies, Biography, Philosophy, and Biblical exegesis; meant equally for Scholars, Researchers, Historians, Philosophers, Christian Laity, Church Clergies, Institutions, libraries and lay readers who wish to understand & strengthen the profound insights of the religion in a lucid language