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CAA : An Assault on Fundamental Rights

CAA : An Assault on Fundamental Rights

Author:Nazrul Islam
ISBN 13:9788195568857
Subject:Human Rights

About the Book

The Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA has not only become a tool to undermine the basic tenets of human rights as proclaimed in the Indian Constitution, but also to put one’s sheer existence in peril by dubbing him/her as “no one”. Ironically, the thumping majority, which the present government achieved owing to the bestowal of faith by the people, has now assumed a repressive shape, under which the same electorate are now to prove their citizenship! Where preservation of history, even among the conscious section, is of little import, the required documentation for proving one’s citizenship is simply beyond any amicable solution in sight. It is apprehended that the poor, or the minority in particular, will be the worst sufferers. The subjugation of the minority is evident in assam-where NRC is implemented as a test case. The present discourse discusses the evolution of the act and concludes that it is a step towards fostering a monolithic Hindu Rashtra.