Burn the Library and other Fictions
Sunil Sharma
  • ISBN : 9789391314545
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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A book that interrogates the inherited realities and truths of a middle-class world through the literary genre of short fiction that becomes malleable and flexi in the hands of the narrator. It provides glimpses into the realms and dimensions that are there, not there, beyond the tangible, out in a remote ether/ space, as tiny atoms---the slew of moments, moods and scenarios that are to be crystallized, in the womb of time, yet perceived by a critical eye and receptive mind, traversing landscapes literary and artistic in a heightened state. Kind of solitude that conveys to inner self---the elusive connect that quickly opens up fresh vistas for both the reporter and the fellow traveler alike. Fact and fiction collide silently, merge seamlessly and out of the creative synergy obtained a new form and expression born. Possibilities are hinted; meetings with iconic authors re-imagined; grim realities of a system documented and exposed. Art and reality interface to produce a new epistemology of being and meaning in an 'absurd' universe. Fictions that draw upon the routine and expertly expand the consciousness of the recipient, changing radically the ways of seeing. These fictions challenge the logic of a mass industry by positing critical insights, making us think and re-think the given narrative, official discourse and version, and, arrive at our independent conclusions.