Building God's Kingdom: Inroduction to Christian Missions (Christian Heritage Rediscovered No 85)
Edited by Saji K Lukos and Salim Tapan Pani
  • ISBN : 9789351483854
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Call to engage in Christian Missions demands our commitment to grow in the divine identity and purposes of God. Scripturally rooted missional endeavor led by the divine inspiration can witness God's continuing act of restoration on this earth. This book will assist the readers to establish our missionary calling on the scripture. The current trends in Christian Missions in India and beyond will enlarge the readers’ vision to relearn and effectively engage in Christian ministries. Understanding the flow of changes in our society will unlock better opportunities for loving interactions and building God's kingdom amongst communities. The actionable set of questions mentioned in the book will facilitate a platform for discussion and propagation of God's loving purposes. Contents Preface General Introduction 1. Important Terms Used in Mission 2. Missions in the Old Testament 3. Missions in the New Testament 4. Missions in The Acts of the Apostles 5. Understanding Holistic Mission 6. Church and Christian Missions 7. The Kingdom of God and Christian Missions 8. Migration and Christian Missions 9. Developing Cross-Cultural Communication 10. Contextrulization and Christian Missions Bibliography