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Buddhist Remains of Bihar

Buddhist Remains of Bihar

Author:Abha Rani
ISBN 13:9789391985301
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Buddhism

About the Book

Buddhism became the first world religion by proving its ability to cross ethnic boundaries and speak importantly to multiple civilizations. It tells us that our destiny and final cause is a condition, nirvana that exceeds all telling but is completely fulfilling. Even though Ancient Bihar is not the birthplace of Buddha, it is closely associated with the rise and development of Buddhism. It was the training ground of Gautama Buddha after he became a wondering ascetic, and it was here in Bodh Gaya that he attained supreme spiritual knowledge. His missionary activity was largely carried in Bihar. Rajgriha and Vaisali were his favourite places of residence or monsoon resorts. It was in Bihar again that first three great council of Buddhist were held at Rajgriha, Vaishali and Patliputra respectively which fixed the Buddhist canon and gave a definite shape to that religion. The present book takes into account only the Buddhist Shrines. These shrines have been together with the basic information about their respective highlights as the monuments of Buddhism. Besides text, a number of photographs, plans and maps have been added to make the work as illustrative as possible. About the Author: Dr. Abha Rani has worked extensively on medieval Indian architecture. She holds research grant from the Indian Council of Historical research related to the "Indo-Islamic Architecture of Bihar". During the last thirty years, she has carried out research work on various fields of Indian art history. She has participated in many conferences and seminars and has published many articles on medieval art and architecture, culture and archaeology in various reputed journals and proceedings. Among other books and essays, she is the author of "Architecture of Delhi 1320 AD to 1388 AD"; Muslim Architecture of Bihar, Vol.-1: Patna and Bihar Sharif and Muslim Architecture of Bihar, Vol-2: Sasaram and Rohtasgarh. Her current research interests are the contemporary painting during 18th century and 19th century in Bihar, widely known as the 'Patna Kalam'.