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Buddhist Art of Mathura

Buddhist Art of Mathura

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Author:R C Sharma
ISBN 13:9788193845745
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Buddhism

About the Book

The book, Buddhist art of Mathura is the first comprehensive treatment of the subject based not merely on the old and newly unearthed antiquarian remain but in the overall perspective of archaeology, history, numismatics, epigraphy, literary tradition and foreigners’ recorded. It incorporates several new interoperations and identifications of architectural terms and iconographic complexities. The detailed chart of the Buddhist establishments, with relevant references is of much academic interest. Besides an up-to-date account of the archaeological campaigns in the Mathura region the significance of the recently excavated rare sculptural wealth of Govindnagar has been unfold with great ability. The origin of the Buddha image has been discussed afresh with new facts and more convincing arguments. The framing of the chronology of the entire Buddhist plethora of Mathura from the 1st century I.C. to the late Gupta period is of outstanding value. The twelve distinct groups mark a phased stylistic development. The Socio-religious and economic factors have also been given due consideration while discussing the complicated problems of style and the recorded date. A remarkable contribution is the account of several unknown Buddhist establishments and introduction of new names of artists of early Mathura school of sculpture. The book convincingly proves that the Buddhist pantheon had considerably developed at Mathura in the Kusana period itself. The writing is marked by restraint and dignity throughout. The author has come out with this ‘magnum opus’ in the fullness of times with the maturity of his judgment.