Buddhism: Heritage and Hermitage
Edited by Niharika
  • ISBN : 9789383221448
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In the last two years, we have seen amazing displays of heroism, courage and compassion due to COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant atrocities. It has brought back to notice the impermanence of life even in our technologically advanced world. There has not been an epoch in human history when the teachings of the Buddha have not given succour to humanity and shown the path to the attainment of true peace. It is with this thought in mind that I have compiled this book “Buddha: Heritage and Hermitage” with twenty-two papers within so that scholars from all generations can take a renewed look at how our heritage has been immeasurably enriched since Lord Buddha gave his first sermon nearly twenty-six centuries ago. The Lord’s words and philosophy along with the commemorative structures constructed by his followers together form a rich heritage; spread across the world. The book’s learned authors express their admiration and respect for the teachings of Lord Buddha as well as the pious heritage rendered to us. It is our priority and responsibility too, to hand over this rich heritage to future generations not only in its physical form but in recorded form as well. This was the motto which gave birth to the idea of this book and the result is in your hands today. About the Author Niharika (b. 1958) did graduation, post-graduation and Ph.D. from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. She has 11 books on history and archaeology, 2 books each of Hindi stories and poems and more than 50 papers and articles published in national and international journals and magazines on her credit. She is Chief Editor and Publisher of an International bi-annual journal named “Arnava”. Her one story is in the academic syllabus of Graduation level in Maharashtra and has received First Prize of Ministry of Culture, India for her archaeology book. She has the honor of message written by H.H. The Dalai Lama for her two books on Sarnath. Some of her publications are: Rock Art: Archives of Our Ancestors (co-edited with Sachin Kr. Tiwary, 2021), Universal Value of Rock Art (co-edited with Sachin Kr. Tiwary, 2021), SŒrnŒth: The Appraisal (co-authored with Ajay Srivastava and Sachin Kr. Tiwary, 2021), Jageshwara Temples: Archaeo-Cultural Perspective (2019), Bharatiya Puratattva (co-authored with Ajay Srivastava, in Hindi, 2011), Sarnath: A Place of Dharmachakra-pravartana (2010), Sarnath Ateet aur Vartman: Ek Kaal Yatra (in Hindi, 2007), Sarnath: The Land of the Enlightened One (2007), Pracheen Bharat ka Rajnaitik Itihas : Prarambh se Gupt Kala tak (in Hindi, 2005), Pracheen Bharatiya Puratattva Abhilekh evam Mudrayein (in Hindi, 2004), A Study of Stone Beads in Ancient India (1993)