British Odd-Desi: Memories-Not Just a Book
Edited by Frank Joseph Victor
  • ISBN : 9789388326445
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book is an outcome of the efforts of all the Contributors who have been past employees of The British Council in India. I am very appreciative of their indulgence and patience. The BOOK is a limited edition print, which aims to highlight the learning and training that all of us have been through in the corridors of Jor Bagh, Rafi Marg and Kasturba Gandhi Marg not forgetting short stints in the UK. The articles are the sort of Òexperience sharingÓ that I aimed to manifest through the BOOK. The Contributors have been on an Indo-British journey that has been very adventurous for some, exciting for others, unpleasant for a few but definitely educative for all. The British colleagues have also benefitted from living in India, albeit for short durations and working with Local Staff (the Odd Desi) and the two have mingled well. The proof of their integration is the Memories that remain etched in the minds of each of the Contributors.