Bridging Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology: Fuzzy Logical Thinking for Science-Religion Dialogue
Binoy Pichalakkattu
  • ISBN : 9789351482116
  • year : 2017
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This book on science and religion argues that a fuzzy model of critical realism will provide a mathematical base to overcome the binary thinking without indulging in reductionism and relativism. The author believes that the model based on fuzzy logic will offer an inclusive epistemological framework for science-theology dialogue where multiple referential claims reinforce each other. Possibilities of fuzzy logic vis-a-vis binary, relativist and probability thinking are delineated. The limitations of fuzzy logic and fuzzy model of critical realism are brought to light. The study ends by suggesting some directions for exploring fuzzy thinking in religion and developing a fuzzy language for talking about God and religion. Such an attempt enables a deeper and creative way of dealing with science, religion, theology and philosophy.