Breeding of Perennial Horticultural Crops
S K Singh, V B Patel, A K Goswami, Jai Prakash and Chavlesh Kumar
  • ISBN : 9788176224543
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book presents innovative methods of augmenting traditional breeding techniques with modern breeding tools for developing new genotypes in perennial horticultural crops. The scientific information available on perennial crop breeding using the latest advances including the targeted genetic resources, traditional plant breeding methods, parent selection criteria, biotechnological and molecular tools, genomics, phenomics etc. have been included as separate dedicated chapters. Each chapter deals with status and priorities of perennial crop improvement, technological advancements in breeding, genetic resource management and utilisation, besides achievements made in selected perennial horticultural crops including banana, citrus, cucurbits, grape, guava, litchi, mango, papaya, apple, walnut and low chill temperate fruits. Application of in vitro techniques in perennial crop such as embryo rescue, mutation and soma-clonal variations etc. have been discussed. In addition, separate chapter covers techniques adopted in rootstock breeding and genotypes for protected cultivation.