Maj Gen Dr Rajan Kochhar VSM
  • ISBN : 9788194870340
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Geo politics has always fascinated me and therefore, inspired an idea of penning down my views and thoughts from the prism of a military soldier who is concerned for the security of his country. In writing this book I have dwelled upon the thoughts of various foreign affairs experts, military strategists and political thinkers to fine tune my recommendations on our strengths and weaknesses and what our politicomilitary establishment should endeavour to do to prevent our adversaries from threatening us. The mind set of our nation must change to lay down its foremost priority to defend our motherland at any cost or consequence. The entire nation has to send a strong message across all boundaries that India has come of age and means business. It cannot be business as usual with those who cause us harm and threaten our sovereignty. The rise of China as an emerging global power has significant implications for India’s pursuit of its core interests. While old sources of friction between the two countries persist, shifting global power dynamics and technological advancements present new challenges and opportunities. The book would be of great interest to the young students who have a keen interest in International Relations, Geo-Politics and Military Strategy. It is imperative for our younger generation to get to understand how foreign policies are framed, how countries behave as they do and how important it is for any nation to be strong not only economically but militarily as well.