B.P. Beri's Law of Marriage and Divorce (3rd Edition)
Sumeet Malik
  • ISBN : 9789388822619
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book is a comprehensive compilation of Marriage and Divorce laws from various personal laws as well as secular statutes such as Hindu Marriage Act, Divorce Act, Special Marriage Act, etc. This work contains exhaustive notes, comments and updated case law references on Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi and Special Law of Marriage and Divorce. Topics relating to general principles of Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Desertion, Cruelty, Adultery, Impotency, Alimony, Custody of Children, Bars to Relief, and Divorce within one year of marriage have been thoroughly covered in this book. Other than the topics mentioned above, Jurisdiction and Matrimonial Home, Injunctions in matrimonial proceedings, Proceedings in Camera, Offences relating to marriage, Precedents, etc. with up-to-date text of Central and State Rules relating to Marriage and Divorce have been revised and updated. Notable Features:- ● Contains detailed discussion on contemporary issues such as Same Sex Marriage, Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage, Videoconferencing, Triple Talaq, Rape of minor wife and many more. ● Includes two new chapters on – Live-in Relationship and Domestic Violence. ● Includes 51 appendices of all relevant Central and State Laws relating to Marriage and Divorce. ● Contains model forms of petitions, provide practical guidance on the interpretation and application of these Personal Laws. This book is meant for practitioners, judges, academicians and all those interested in gathering a thorough knowledge of the subject.