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Bombay Unmapped

Bombay Unmapped

Author:Kaustubh Joshi
ISBN 13:9789387456365

About the Book

The book moves like a rapid journey – much like the pace of our city lives. Before we reach a restaurant – the lunch is over! But having fast paced the day, one can reminisce and play back all that was packed in. Without the book one wouldn't get to the hotspots or just be plain lost in Mumbai! Aman Nath – Historian, writer, hotelier As an Architecture writer and critic, I have always been fascinated by the different layers that make a city. While my research and books have revolved around cities like London and Chicago, my fascination with Bombay as a tourist has always been immersive. Kaustubh has helped me explore Bombay with so many lenses beyond architecture. I enjoyed reading his book as much as I have enjoyed listening to his stories about the city. Cheryl Kent – Architecture writer and critic Bombay Unmapped is a handy compendium navigating your interest without becoming a historical anthology. The author, Kaustubh Joshi is certainly familiar with the city and the mind and interest of a tourist – be it historical, sociological, gastronomical or spiritual. without becoming laborious. While the litany of places in the city reads like an atlas, it would serve as a city-at-a-glance guide and introduce the strangers to the nooks and crannies of the metropolis. Dolly Thakore – Theatre veteran As a journalist focused on real estate, I have always wondered what defines the true character of a city. Each time I write about a high-rise tower that changes the landscape of the city, I wonder what is it that it has taken away from the original character of this city in its covetousness to redefine its magnitude and landscape. Kaustubh’s book gives me hope and makes me feel less tense as the city constantly goes through recharacterization which is a part of this city’s ever-changing character. Kailash Babar – Journalist