Bodhena's Adventures in Samsara: A Sannyasin Memoir
Swami Deva Bodhena
  • ISBN : 9789385285356
  • year : 2016
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This book is really a series of linked vignettes, which when pulled together weave the story of an ordinary sannyasin outwardly working as a carpenter, guard, legal assistant, but also focused on his own spiritual work. Bodhena gives us a deep sense of the incredible love and mutual support in Osho?s communes that eased the hardships of outer life and the hard lessons of the inner. These are authentically told, bottom-up stories of a kind we have not yet seen in print. There is very little analytical thought in these pages, very little philosophizing, no speculation. Instead, we are treated to a deep account of a very human life, and the spiritual laboratories in which it took place. When Bodhena returns to Pune Two, he describes feeling a bit distant from ?the scene?. He senses that he is like a bird who realizes it is time to leave the nest. He knows it is time for him to be ?out in the world?. His adventures take him to California, to Spain, and eventually full circle back to Germany. He touchingly describes what the world outside of the commune feels like: ?It?s that aliveness, openness and rebelliousness, that willingness to look at oneself and deal with whatever comes up that I find conspicuously absent out here. It?s an emotional desert, not much love and laughter.? Bodhena, like many of us ?out here?, is still ?with? Osho, but also still seeking that sense of community he misses, and has found another teacher, another group of seekers to travel with. Bodhena?s book has some wonderful features in addition to his story. There are some beautiful black-and-white photos of Osho, the ashram, the Ranch. The appendices include a lovely poem by Hakuin, the Desiderata by Max Ehrmann, and a full transcript of the amazing ?Fuck? discourse by Osho.