Birds of Banni Grassland
Mukesh H Koladiya, Nikunj B Gajera, A K Roy Mahato, V Vijay Kumar and R V Asari
  • year : 2016
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Banni, an unique landscape and flourishing grassland, is endowed with fascinating history, geography, biodiversity, and a rich cultural heritage. The diversity of habitats and dynamic pattern changes with changing climatic conditions provide rich habitats for a variety of animals, especially birds. Birds are the natural capital of this grassland, which attracts many birdwatchers and tourists throughout the year. The grassland also attracts thousands of migratory birds from many parts of India, as well as the globe, during the winter. These avian visitors enhance the biodiversity and bring life to the grassland, in conjugation with the socio-cultural dimensions of its indigenous communities. This book describes 262 species of birds (166 terrestrial species and 96 aquatic species) which are recorded from various parts of Banni Grassland. These birds belong to 51 families under 14 orders of Aves. Among them, 118 are resident to Banni, 76 are resident/short migratory, and 68 are migratory. The book contains short descriptions and photographs of all the recorded bird species of Banni Grassland for researchers, academicians, birdwatchers, bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, and general readers.