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Biomedical Waste: Management, Recycling and Applications

Biomedical Waste: Management, Recycling and Applications

Author:Himadri Panda
ISBN 13:9789386841865
Subject:Life Science/Ecology and Environment

About the Book

Contents: Introduction. 1. Present Scenario of Medical Waste. 2. Classification. 3. Biomedical Liquid Waste. 4. Dental Biomedical Waste Management. 5. Biomedical Waste Management Process. 6. Medical Waste Incineration. 7. Disposal of Biomedical Waste during Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP). 8. Disposal of Biomedical Waste Pretreatment. 9. Medical Waste Sorting Method. 10. Medical Waste Receptacle. 11. Method for Treating Infectious Wastes. 12. Guidelines for Plant and Machinery. 13. Infrastructure set up. 14. Collection and Transportation of Biomedical Waste. 15. Treatment Method for Biomedical Waste. 16. Apparatus for Processing Medical Waste. 17. Cartridge for Medical Waste. 18. Treatment for Biomedical Waste. 19. Plastic Recycling. 20. Waste Paper Recycling. 21. Waste Glass Recycling. 22. Metal Recycling. 23. Rubber Recycling. 25. Recycling Shoes and Clothing of Biomedical Waste. 25. Biomedical Waste in Rural Areas.