Biography of Nurjahan
Abu SufianAbu Sufian
  • ISBN : 9788121513241
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Ancestry and Early Life of Mehrunnisa. 2. Mehrunnisa and Shre Afgan Episode. 3. Prince Salim's Early Relation with Mehrunnisa Facts and Fictions. 4. Jahangir marrise Mehrunnisa (Sher Afgan's Widow) She h gets the title of 'Nurmahal' and Subsequently of 'Nurjahan'. 5. Nurjahan as Badshah Begum - the first lady of the realm – assumes. 6. Nurjahan Junta - Role and Significance. 7. Mahabat Khan's Cope-de main. Nurjahan's Manouving to release the emperor from the clutches of Mahabat Khan. 8. Difficulties of Nurjahan at the time of Jahangir's death due to the shrewd tactices of Asaf Khan. 9. Last days of Nurjahan and her descendants. 10. Nurjahan's contribution in the fields of social reforms and cultural advancement. 11. Nurjahan as lover of Literature, her contributions to poetry, Art, Music, Architecture and Architecture and Gardens. Resume. Appendices. Bibliography. Index. Among the ladies of the Imperial Mughals, Nurjahan Begum, the beloved Queen of Jahangir occupies a very unique position. She was a woman of destiny and had a meteoric career. She had intensed love for Jahangir and the emperor reposed great confidence in her. She was a friend of the poor and the sufferers. She liberally contributed to the field of art and learning. She revolutionized dress, decorations and ornaments to a great extent. As a great Mughal Queen, She not only enhanced the splendor of the Mughal court, but also played a significant role towards the socio-cultural advancement of the age. She remained faithful to Jahangir when he was alive and even after his death, it was she, who performed the last rites when most of the relations and friends of the late emperor quickly deserted him. Though many poems, dramas, novels and historical fiction have been written on Nurjahan, a historical biography has not been attempted so far. The present monography is a humble endeavour to remove the fable and fancies and to present before the reader the career and life sketch of this noble lady based mainly on original sources. It will be, of course, a welcome addition to the studies of Mughal India.