L C Agrawal
  • ISBN : 9788131609774
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In broad terms, Biogeography is concerned with the phenomena of the biosphere. More specifically and traditionally, biogeography has concerned itself with the study of the geographical aspects of plant and animal life, especially in terms of their distributions. This branch of geography is concerned with the multitudinous forms of plant and animal life which inhabit the densely populated zone over the earth’s surface, as well as the complex biological activities which are controlled by natural environment. The book comprises fifteen chapters providing comprehensive coverage on definition and scope of biogeography, biosphere, ecology, ecosystem, biological cycles in ecosystem, flora and their environment, plant response to their environment and adaptations, plant community, ecological succession, plant dispersal and floristic regions, biomes, geological distribution and life in the past ages, dispersal and distribution of animals and zoogeographical regions, and wildlife conservation and management. This book will provide essential reading material for both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The text has been documented with useful diagrams and maps for better understanding. CONTENTS • Biogeography: Definition, Scope and Development • Biosphere • Ecology • Ecosystem • Biogeochemical Cycles in Ecosystem • Flora and their Environment • Plant Response to Their Environment and Plant Adaptations • Plant Community: Definition, Composition and Development • Ecological Succession • Plant Dispersal and Floristic Regions • Biomes • Geological Distribution and Life in the Past Ages • Nature and Dispersal of Animals • Distribution of Animals and Zoogeographical Regions • Wildlife: Conservation and Management