Biocatalysts in Biomass to Bioproducts
K. Ramasamy and S. Karthikeyan and U. Sivakumar
  • ISBN : 9789351248316
  • year : 2017
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Microbes have been playing a key role by producing enzymes for bioconversion of various biomasses for biorefinery applications. This book on ?Biocatalysts in Biomass to Bioproducts? summarizes state-of-the-art information on the logistics of biomass conversion to biofuels and related challenges to overcome in 13 chapters. The chapters have been contributed by the experts of the areas across the globe and these chapters offer concise and clear information on the recent research developments in biomass utilization. Sustainable and affordable energy, underpinned by energy technology cooperation and innovation, is indispensable for economic growth and reduced carbon intensity. No doubt this book will provide readers with a comprehensive resource that connect theory to real-world implementation.