Bio-Cultural Diversity Emerging Issues, Challenges and Prospects
Edited by Professor V. Narayana Reddy
  • ISBN 13 : 9789352301430
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
“The very reason our planet can be said to be “alive” at all is because there exists here (and here alone, so far as we know) a profuse variety: of organisms, of divergent streams of human thought and behavior, and of geophysical features that provide a congenial setting for the workings of nature and culture. All three realms of difference have evolved so that they interact with and influence one another. Earth's interwoven variety what we call biocultural diversity - is nothing less than the pre-eminent fact of existence” quoted by David Harmon, Executive Director, The George Wright Society; Co-founder, Terralingua. It is therefore, more important to recognize that Bio-cultural approach is one which views humans as biological, social and cultural beings in relation to the environment and it views human biological variability as a function of responsiveness and adaptation to the environment with a special focus on the role of socio-cultural environments. Its significance consists in conceptual framework and models for understanding the dynamic interactions among human biological/phenotypic, psychological and socio-cultural traits in response to the environment. In this context this edited book speaks about the various issues related to bio-cultural diversity focusing on environment and climatic change, biological anthropology including impact of ageing, health care under diverted ecological settings, ethnic ecology and social policy. Most of the papers are drawn from rich data sources and the literature presented here contributes to the literature on bio-cultural diversity, emerging issues, challenges and opportunities. Contents: 1. Text as Culture and Culture as Text: An Antrhopological Analysis of Dalit’s Narratives in the Context of Village Ritual 2. Deforestation, Climate Change and Adverse Effects on Tribal Life: A Bio-Cultural Study in Visakha Agency of Andhra Pradesh 3. Health, Indigenous People and Traditional Knowledge: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Contemporary World 4. Ethnic Diversity and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Kalenahalli Village in Mysoru Seeme in Karnataka 5. Ethno-Ecology and Traditional Health Care Practices of the Karbis’ in Karbi Anglong, Assam 6. Applications of Anthropology: An Indian Scenario 7. Delivering Environmental Justice: Perspective, Mitigations and New Challenges in India 8. Causes of Rural Household Indebtedness – is Financial Inclusion the Need of the Hour? 9. Problems of Food and Nutrition in India - A Solution through the National Food Security Act, 2013 10. Health Care System in Andhra Pradesh 11. Estimation of Stature from Various Circumferences of the Body among Brahmin and Yadava Community of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 12. Food Fortification is An Emerging Technology to Achieve Food and Nutrition Security 13. Climate Change its Impact on Environmental Health for Sustainable Development in India 14. Dietary Behaviour and Obesity among Children 15. A Study on Health Care Services for Children and Women 16. Age at Menarche and Menopause among Bidi Workers Women of Sagar District of Central India 17. Challenges of Cross-Cultural Diversity in Indian Companies 18. A Study on Health Status of Elderly in Rural Areas Need for Social Work Intervention 19. Effect of Alcoholism on Blood Pressure and Body Composition in an Adult Population 20. Development of Tribal Community: Role of Education 21. Policies and Programmes for Tribal Development in Andhra Pradesh 22. Role of Ngo/Public Cooperation for the Development of Weaker Sections of the Indian Society 23. Health & Nutritional Strategy: A study in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh 24. Diet and Nutrition Prevention of Chronic Diseases 25. Health problems of the elderly - a Study 26. Legal Protection to the Elderly Persons- Indian Context 27. Tribal Colossal Displacement and Compensation Scenario: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh 28. Growth of Self Help Group Movement and Women’s Participation in Andhra Pradesh 29. Group Dynamics and Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women 30. Red Sanders in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh: Importance to Commercial & Medicinal Value 31. Status of Rural Health in India 32. Traditional Changing of Yanadis in Nellore and Chittoor Districts of Andhra Pradesh 33. For a Whiff of Fresh Air: Attempts to Mitigate Air Pollution in Hyderabad 34. Welfarism and Tribal Youth Development- A Case Study of Sugali Tribe in Ananthapur District 35. Corporate Increasingly Join Hands With Non-Governmental Organizations (Ngos) A Case Study Of Tata Groups In India 36. Relationship between Education Levels and Hypertension with Body Mass Index in an Adult Population 37. Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development A Case Study Of Reliance Groups 38. Susceptibility of Women to Elder Abuse: Strategies for their Wellbeing 39. Problems and values of Old Age in Post Modern Era 40. Village Adoption Scheme and Development: Andhra Pradesh Smart Village Concept 41. Natural Resource Management and Bio-diversity Conservation in India