Bihar: Untold Growth Story
Indra Sen Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789385462443
  • year : 2015
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The present book titled Bihar: Untold Growth Story is, in a sense, a treaties on socio-economy of Bihar highlighting the states glorious, remote and immediate past with the present terrible economic position indicating things to come in the state suggesting several measures towards realizing the goal of economic and social accomplishment. The book has taken care of the latest issues tormenting the state authorities and the economist pertaining to rural and urban poverty, migration of Bihari labour force, corruption and criminalisation proving to be a stumbling block in development as also the debated aspect of improving the states financial position by way of special package or special status. The book though highlights achievements of the state, brings out the myths of these, laying down that the development process is characterized by truths and half truth very boldly observing and finally suggesting that accomplishment is not the same thing as achievements, nor is the fact that what is apparent is real.