Bharathanrithyam: With a New Focus
Dr.Shrividya Muralidhar
  • ISBN : 9789385161322
  • year : 2016
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Literary Works on Bharathanatyam, with references to udgranthas , have come across in number. The texts too are rewritten and translated , with a new resurgence. However the attempt here is to focus on an untold and un contemplated slips and move process of dance subjects currently phenomenal, happening with awareness or without awareness of the dancing fraternity. The work attempts basically to revive the name 'Bharathanatyam' that once was a renaissance effort to conventionalize the browbeaten art. Time, milieu and local custom, patterned Bharathanatyam by time in honor making it a paramount dais entity of the worlds performing horizon. The Author here, interpolates technically the name and content inter difference. Sustenance of the rudimentary entity and continued research authenticates the work to coin the term Bharathanrithyam. As an artist and a traveler appreciative of incumbent art lovers ,the aura of next generations classical dance preservation and presentational saga is pre visioned by the artist Author. An effort to describe and locate the sensitivities of this area is attempted for discussion at the outset in this book. Music makes dance a melody. The imaginary spontaneity and the aesthetic reverberence is possible only with the supportive musical pattern. The expression of Nritya sangeetha receives ample pondering here. Series of thoughtful contemplation on the duo interdisciplinary art illustrate new topics for discussion such as choreography and mastery of manodharma. Bharathanrityam is energized with new manifestations, though nothing about its mundane grammar, yet multifariously discussing the all embracing quality of nritya. Born to dance, Dr. Shrividya Muralidhar, is acknowledged for her dancing style which is a rarity. Her expressive face made stories so dramatic that script fell weak. undoubtedly her authority in abhinaya transcends her recital to a visual poetry. press tributes exemplifies Shrividya as a versatile dancer and describes that her dance recitals are magically picturesque. Dr Shrividya's treatising abhinaya and abundant manodharma in Pandanallore style, has resulted in many stage productions. Her articles and debut work ''Bhava Rasa Niroopanam