Shovana Narayan
  • ISBN : 9788182902640
  • year : 2012
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Acknowledgements. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Evolution of classical dance. 3. Constituents of dance. 4. Dance and dancers. 5. Bharatanatyam. 6. Technical terms. Bibliography. India is fascinating country with plurality of ethnicity, cultures, religious and philosophy. Unsurprisingly this plurality extends to the arena of classical dances having the distinction of being the only country with eight recognized classical dance forms all of which are bound in the single thread of spirituality and philosophy radiating the fragrance of Indianness. Through many books of Indian classical dances are available, this Indian classical dance series by Shovana Narayan can be described as the book among books on Indian classical dancers for these are comprehensive and detailed encyclopaedia on different classical dance forms essaying the historical evolution and influences, characteristic identifying features, techniques and also the format of presentation in an evening’s programme of each style. The book also details the repertoire, texts utilized, costumes and make up of each characteristic of each dance form. This Indian classical dance series with its exhaustive information and liberal use of photographs is a must for all. Some of the interesting nuggets of information prove to be eye openers demolishing and demystifying few prevailing hypothesis.