Being Jain: Art and Culture of an Indian Religion
Johannes Beltz and Michaela Blaser
  • ISBN 13 : 9783775753500
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
After almost 50 years, Jainism is set to return to the Rietberg Museum in an exhibition that offers a new take on the religion. The catalogue will show works from the museum’s own collection and loans from India including lavishly illuminated manuscripts and imposing sculptures that reveal Jain ideas and ideals that evolved over many centuries. The catalogue also examines contemporary practices among this small, but economically influential religious community that is found around the world, yet is hardly known outside India. Furthermore, the catalogue will explore the contribution that the living tradition of Jainism with its long and varied history can make to resolve the fundamental challenges the world faces today: climate change, rampant consumerism, ethnic and religious intolerance, and social inequality. Combining masterpieces of Jain art and short films on Jain practices as well as discussions with Jains from all spheres of life – religious leaders and laypersons active in business, culture, and politics – this catalogue promises insights into the particular lifestyle fostered by Jainism. Visitors are encouraged to engage with new ideas, reflections, and discussions about what good, healthy, and sustainable living can look like.