Being Human in a World of Artificial Intelligence: Quest for Fusions of Sangam
Ferrao, Victor
  • ISBN : 9789351484776
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence raises profound questions about being human. Although it appears to compete with us and even outperforms us in several areas, it can never replace us. It does have several benefits to bestow on us yet we cannot get enslaved by it and mindlessly allow it to control our lives. This transformative technology certainly offers us extraordinary promises but all of it is going to come not without perils that will disrupt our very being humans in the world. This book discusses these challenges and opens ethical ways of facing them. Artificial Intelligence is addressing us in several ways and calls us into being. Our response to it has to be integral and integrating us all. This is why this book turns back to Artificial Intelligence and addresses it: ‘Hey You!’ and attempts to direct it towards common human flourishing. Contents Foreword Acknowledgement Introduction 1. Society and Atrificial Intelligence 2. The Brave New World of the Dividual and Condition of Humanity 3. I am Data, therefore I Am Dead 4. Breaking the Chains of Machinic Enslavements: A Quest for a New Ethics 5. Self and Society of the Networks 6. The Quest for an Ehtics for the New World of AI 7. Towards Dorsal Thinking and the World of AI 8. AI World and the Challenge to Become a Phronimos (Virtuous Person) 9. AI, Humans and God Conclusion