Bail Law and Procedures: with tips to avoid Police Harassment (7th Edition)
Janak Raj Jai
  • ISBN : 9789351439851
  • year : 2016
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The courts are interpreting the provisions of bail in strict sense and the new theories of bail are spelt out by them. Complete and updated in all respect, this edition comprises of various aspects of bail provisions, practices, procedures along with relevant Acts, Rules and judicial precedents governing them. This also includes full account of legislative changes. The chapters including Bail, Parole and Furlough, Bail for Non-bailable Offences, Anticipatory Bail, Cancellation of Bail, Bail Bond, Role of Police and its Power and Duties, Police Interrogation and First Information Report, Investigation and Framing of Charges along with other chapters have been thoroughly updated and improved so that the need and the purpose of the readers can be fulfilled. The new case laws and new Specimen Forms also have been added.