Backward Castes (A Political Process In Panchayati Raj, Andhra Pradesh)
Dr Gooru Sreeramulu
  • ISBN : 9789353246495
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book is an in-depth study on “POLITICAL PROCESS OF BACKWARD CASTES (BCs) IN PANCHAYAT RAJ INSTITUTIONS (PRIs): PROS AND CONS: A STUDY IN ANDHRA PRADESH” . It covers the nature and working of panchayati raj institutions in Andhra Pradesh. The study is concentrating on the issues and problems relating to the political participation of Backward Castes (BCs) in the institutions of Panchayat raj. The main contribution of this book is to understand the consequences of 73rd Constitutional amendment Act of 1993. It is also to understand the provisions for political participation. Contents includes: The first chapter is introduction, which deals with political participation in general and the participation of backward castes in panchayat raj institutions in India, need and importance of the study, objectives, hypothesis of the study, methodology, sources, data collection and interpretation of the study. The second chapter deals with evolution of panchayat raj institutions in India, evolution of panchayat raj system in ancient India, villages of ancient India, medieval India, Balwant Ray Mehta Committee report and Ashok Mehta Committee report etc. The third chapter discusses the panchayat raj system in Andhra Pradesh, structure of panchayat raj system, powers and functions of Zilla Praja Parishad, Mandal Praja Parishad. The fourth chapter highlights the profile of Andhra Pradesh, demography, literature, rainfall and profiles of study areas i.e., Anantapur, Warangal and West Godavari districts and working of panchayat raj institutions in Andhra Pradesh. The fifth chapter discusses the socio–economic background of the respondents. The sixth chapter highlights the perception and problems of political participation of backward castes in Andhra Pradesh. The last and seventh chapter is conclusion, which focuses on the findings of the study and the policy implications related to the present study. This outstanding Text-Cum Reference book will be of great use of Research Scholars, Administrators, Policy Makers, Statesmen and Students of Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Commerce and Women Studies. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Gooru Sreeramulu is working as a Professor in the Post Graduate Department of Studies and Research in Political Science, Gulbarga University Gulbarga. Karnataka. He obtained M.A Degree in Political Science from the department of Political Science in 1988, M. Ed in 1993, M.Phil in Education from department of Education in 1994 from Bangalore University. He obtained Ph.D in Education from Bangalore University on the topic entitled “ Planning and Expenditure on Education During the Plan Period in the state of Karnataka” in the year 1998 from Bangalore University. The author has also obtained Doctorate Degree in Political Science from Kaktiya University Warangal in 2005 under the guidance of Prof. P. Hussain Khan on the entitled “Public Policy- Self Help Groups: A Case Study of Anantapur District.” He has authored highly acclaimed books on “Planning and Expenditure on Education,” and “ Empowerment of Women Through Self Help Groups”. He has participated in Regional, National and International Conferences and presented scholarly papers on various issues concerning to social issues, Public policies, Working of Panchayati Raj Institutions, Dalit Movement and women empowerment. The author worked as a Chairman of the Department of Political Science, for Two terms i.e. from 2015 to 2017 and 2018 to 2020 Coordinator Department of History, Founding Director of Sri Maharshi Valmiki Tribal Studies and Research Center, Deputy Director Remedial Coaching Center and Coordinator of National Service Scheme Programme , Gulbarga University. Presently he is working as Chairman of the Department of Political Science. He has published over 100 articles and research papers in reputed journals edited books. He is a member of several National and International Political Science Associations. He has visited Sri Lanka and England and presented research papers at Inter National Conferences.