AWAKEN YOUR SOULPRINT: Discover your own special path to happiness and success
Aditya Nath
  • ISBN : 9789390356836
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 19.00
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Just like a thumbprint, every single human being on this planet has a unique soulprint. Nature never repeats itself in anything it does, thus two soulprints are never ever alike and nor are their material or spiritual journeys. In life’s journey, you can be sleeping while you are awake and be awakened even while you are asleep. Awaken Your Soulprint provides you the tools to answer life’s existential questions and helps you discover your soulprint in order to create your own customized spiritual path without compromising your material pursuits. Awaken Your Soulprint postulates the concept of soulful living, a spiritually evolved way of modern-day thinking, based on the realizations of thousands of years of human evolution. The genesis of this concept lies hidden in the period of Satyug or the ‘Age of Soulful Living’ as described in the Vedas and Upanishads. Author Aditya Nath, elucidates on how to increase one’s spiritual metabolism and propogates four simple awakening tools—spiritual wisdom, spiritual practices, faith and devotion. These tools activate and guide your energies towards the possibilities of a higher existence for yourself. Soulful living is a journey and not a destination. On this journey your soulprint breaks away from the shackles of any religion or dogmas and gets empowered to balance and transform your life. You learn to embrace success, comfort and luxury while living a completely soulful life. You will awaken to a sparkling new universe around you full of peace, happiness and pure bliss.