Aspects of Ancient Indian Numismatics (Second Edition)
Prashant Srivastava
  • ISBN : 9789392556067
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This is the first comprehensive study of the joint, commemorative, and victory coins of ancient India, which form a more important source of history than the normal issues. The introduction discusses the nature and scope of the work. The book is divided into three sections dealing with the joint issues, commemorative medallions, and victory medals. The first five chapters, forming Section I, deal with the joint issues of the Indo-Greeks; Scytho-Parthians; Kusanas, Gadaharas, Sakas, and Siladas; of the pre-Gupta period; and finally, of the Imperial Guptas, respectively. Section II is divided into four chapters dealing with the commemorative medallions of the Indo-Greeks; Kusanas; pre-Gupta period; and of the Imperial Guptas, respectively. An appendix to Chapter VI discusses the 'Helios on Quadriga Type of Coin of Plato'. Chapter X comprising Section III, is concerned with the victory medals of ancient India, the 'Jitam Bhagavata Padmanabhena Coins' being discussed in an appendix to this chapter. The various coin-types have been studied for their politico-cultural importance, and corroborative evidence in the form of literature, inscriptions, icons, and sculptures, etc. has freely been made use of. A detailed bibliography, an exhaustive index, and sixteen plates of photographic illustrations add to the merit of the work. Contents: Introduction. I. Joint issues: 1. Joint coins of the Indo-Greek sovereigns. 2. Joint coins of the Scytho-Parthian rulers. 3. Joint issues of the Kusanas, and of the Gadaharas, the Sakas and the Siladas. 4. Indigenous joint issues of the pre-Gupta period. 5. Joint issues of the imperial Guptas. II. Commemorative medallions: 6. Commemorative medallions of the Indo-Greek rulers. Appendix: Helios on Quadriga Type of Coin of Plato. 7. Commemorative medallions of Kusanas. 8. Indigenous commemorative medallions of the pre-Gupta period. 9. Commemorative medallions of the Imperial Guptas. III. Victory medals: 10. Victory medals of ancient India. Appendix: The Jitam Bhagavata Padmanabhena Coins. Bibliography. Index. Symbols on coins. Plates.