ASIATIC MYTHOLOGY: A Detailed Description and Explanation of The Mythologies of All The Great Nations of Asia (Repr, first published in 1932)
J Hacking, Clement Huart, Raymonde Linossier, H De Wilman-Grabowska, Charles-Henri Marchal, Henri Maspero and Serge Eliseev
  • ISBN : 9789386463197
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Asiatic Mythology is a great pioneer work and contains a detailed description and explanation of the mythologies of all the great nations of Asia by scholars like J. Hackin, Clement Huart, Raymonde Linossier, H. de Wilman-Grabowska, Charles-Henri Marchal, Henri Maspero and Serge Eliseev. The mythologies discussed here are that of Persia (Parsi mythology), Kafirs (a non-muslim sect of Afghanistan), Buddhism in India, Brahmanic Mythology, Lamaism, Mythology of Indo-China and Java, Mythology of modern China and the mythology of Japan. These sections are brought together, translated, illustrated with 16 plates and 354 monochromes, and equipped with an index, is most copious and useful. Each section recounts the wonderful myths and stories and explains the accompanying art. Though written by experts, the book is clear, explicit, and easy to read. It is both historical and explanatory. The history and evolution of the various religions, sects, and mythologies are outlined. The myths are retold and fully explained. The mythological personages are identified. This book is a wonderful read for anybody who is or is not acquainted with the various mythologies.