Arthik Sudhar aur Saamaajik Apavarjan: Bharat Mein Upekshit Samuho Par Udarekaran Ka Prabhaav (Hindi)
K. S. Chalam
  • ISBN : 9789385985539
  • year : 2016
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Economic Reforms and Social Exclusion is an analytical study that focuses on the socially marginalized and excluded groups in India since the onset of liberalization. It examines how liberal economic reforms have impacted socio-economic categories?caste, tribe and religious minorities?subjecting them to further deprivation. A novel approach has been used in the study of economic reforms through philosophical and theoretical arguments on issues such as civil society, religion, caste and alienation. Case studies of handloom weavers, VRS workers and the temperance movement give this study empirical weight.