Art and Science of Management in the Digital Era: Indian Spiritual Wisdom for Managing Sustainable Global Enterprise
Banerjee, R P
  • ISBN : 9789353885076
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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A manager needs to perform the role of a leader, a consumer, a buyer, a maker, a worker, a messenger, an advisor and a guide to all other stakeholders in a business setting. Though the fundamentals of management are eternally same in nature, the learners and practicing managers should continuously sensitize themselves with the fundamentals in view of the changing times and circumstances. This book aims to be a guiding handbook for emerging and practicing managers in the ever-changing corporate world. Going beyond explaining just the basics of management, this book will help the readers understand the art of practicing management. Contents: Preface Objective of the Book Introduction Organization: The Anthropomorphology The Art and Science of Managing Organizations Management: Situational Response System Leader Manager: Art and Science of Manpower Management Emergence of Management Thoughts and Practices: From Vedic to Robotic Era Decision and Action Science: The Biological Way Practice of Management: Developing Action Principles for Practice Revenue Manager: Manager Making Organization Profitable Investment and Risk Decisions Corporate Management: Managing from the Frontiers of Business Manager Economist: Ultimate Ideals to Remedy Economic Evils Brand Manager Technology Manager Management: The Concern for Sustainability Organizational Planning Global Market and Global Business Ethical Manager: Role of Ethics in Corporate Management Spiritual Manager: Manage Yourself to Manage the World.