Apple: Production and Value Chain Analysis
Ahmed Nazeer, Shabir A Wani and W M Wani
  • ISBN : 9789351249214
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Situation Analysis of Apple in India/Nazeer Ahmed, S.A. Wani and W.M. Wani. 2. An Overview of Apple Value Chain/S.A. Wani and F. Naqash. 3. Apple Farming in Himachal Pradesh: An Overview/Ravinder Sharma, Subhash Sharma and Chandresh Guleria. 4. Envisioning Apple Value Chain: J and K Banks Initiative towards Rural Prosperity/Sajjad Bazaz and Rashid Ud Din. 5. Classification of Apple Growing Soils of Kashmir/Nayar Afaq Kirmani, J.A. Sofi, Juvaria Jeelani and Khushboo Farooq. 6. Nursery Management and Propagation in Apple/Aarifa Jan , W.M. Wani and M.A. Mir. 7. Description of Some Important Local and Exotic Apple Cultivars/W.M. Wani, Aarifa Jan and J.I. Mir. 8. Recent Advances in Apple Production in India/Khalid Mushtaq Bhat, Haseeb Ur Rehman and A.H. Pandit. 9. Research Developments for Increasing Productivity and Quality of Apple at ICAR-CITH, Srinagar/D.B. Singh, J.I. Mir, O.C. Sharma, S. Lal, A. Sharma, W.H. Raja and K.L. Kumawat. 10. Climate Change Impact on Soils and Apple Based Horticulture of Lesser Himalayas/Mushtaq A. Wani and Shazia Ramzan. 11. Macro and Micro Nutrients and their Management in Apple/M.K. Sharma and Rifat Bhat. 12. Role of Biotechnology in Apple Crop Improvement/Javid I. Mir, Nazeer Ahmed, D.B. Singh, O.C Sharma, Anil Sharma and W.H. Raja. 13. Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Apple/Baby Summuna, P.A. Sheikh and Sachin Gupta. 14. Crop Weather Relationship of Apple/Raihana Habib Kanth, Latief Ahmad and Sabah Parvaze. 15. Pollination Management Studies in Apple Orchards of Himalayas/M.A. Paray, Shoukat Ara, Munazah Yaqoob, Rizwana Khurshid, G.H. Rather, S.H. Paray, Waseem A. Bhat, Zubair A. Rather, and Farhana Majid. 16. Fruit and Foliar Diseases of Apple and their Management/Qazi Nissar Ahmad, S. Rovida, Kursheed A. Hakim and Nisar A. Khan.17. Insect-Pest Complex and Integrated Pest Management on Apple in Jammu and Kashmir, India/Barkat Hussain, Abdul Ahad Buhroo, Abdul Rasheed War and Asma Sherwani. 18. Minimizing Pesticide Residues in Apple/Malik Mukhtar and Asma Sherwani. 19. Viral Diseases of Apple and Other Temperate Fruits in Kashmir: An Overview/Bilal A. Padder, M D Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad, Iretfa Mohmmad, Aadil Ayaz Mir, M.S. Dar and Asha Nabi. 20. Nematode Pests as Vectors of Plant Viruses in Fruit Ecosystem/G.M. Lone and F.A. Zaki. 21. Physiological Problems in Apple and their Management/Farooq A. Khan, Sajad A. Bhat and Raj Narayan. 22. Mechanization Options for Apple Based Production System in India/Junaid N. Khan, J. Dixit and Rohitashw Kumar. 23. Advances in Pre- and Post harvest 1-Methylcyclopropene Technology to Improve Shelf Life of Apple/Xi Chen, Kit Yam, Han Zhang, Nazir Mir, Robert Oakes, A.H. Pandith, Haroon Naik and Khuram Mir. 24. Re-engineering Post Harvest and Supply Chain Management of Apple in J&K: Challenges and Opportunities/M.A. Mir. 25. Apple Processing: Global Scenario and an Indian Overview/F. A. Masoodi, Furah Naqash and Sajad A. Rather. 26. Economic Viability of Apple Processing/F.A. Shaheen, S.A. Wani, Farheen Naqash and Haris Manzoor. 27. CA Storage of Apple/S.A. Wani, Farheen Naqash, F.A. Shaheen and Haris Manzoor. 28. Growth, Instability and Economic Optima in Apple Cultivation/Farheen Naqash, S.A. Wani and F.A. Shaheen. 29. Pesticide Application on Apple: Issues of Marketing and Ecological Implications/S.H. Baba, M.H. Wani and S.A. Wani.30. Price Forecasting and Co-Integration of Apple Markets in India/S.A. Wani, S.H. Baba, M.M. Mir and Haris Manzoor. Index. The present book is a collection and synthesis of 30 lead papers contributed by R&D workers/experts/policy planners from different institutions/organizations as a part of their independent studies conducted at different times. It covers status, achievements and future R&D strategies on different issues concerning Apple vis-à-vis global advancement. The issues covered range from research needs, innovative technologies, genetic resources, nursery management and crop improvement, disease and pest management, mechanization, pre- and post harvest management and economics, finance, marketing & trade. It is hoped that the book will be of interest and benefit the students, development workers, teachers, researchers, policy makers and farmers involved in apple cultivation.