Antibiotic Essentials (Sixteenth Edition)
Cheston B Cunha and Burke A Cunha
  • ISBN : 9789352709816
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 75.00
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The new edition of this highly successful annual pocket guide presents clinicians with the most recent information in the field of antimicrobial therapy and infectious diseases. Written by recognised experts in infectious disease, this edition discusses serum and urinary spectrum summaries of antibiotics and clinically relevant pharmacokinetics. The sixteenth edition has been fully updated to provide clinicians with the latest advances in their field. Unique features of the book include clinical synopses of common and uncommon infections worldwide, differential diagnosis of infectious diseases and non-infectious mimics, antibiotic IV-to-PO switch therapy options for infectious diseases; and HIV, HCV, Peds ID, antibiotic prophylaxis and immunisations, chest film differential diagnosis atlas, and gram stain atlas. Key Points Sixteenth edition presenting most recent information in field of antimicrobial therapy and infectious disease Highly successful annual pocket guide Includes many new topics Authored by leading experts in the field Includes free access to the app..