Anthropology of Traditional Indian Food
B. R. Vijayendra; B. V. Raviprasad and Nilanjan Khatua
  • ISBN : 9789385161407
  • year : 2017
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This book is the outcome of a National Seminar on Anthropology of Traditional Indian Foodorganized by Anthropological Association (AA), Mysore, held on 12th-14 March 2013. Eminent scholars from all over India participated and presented papers in the seminar on themes such as food and health care, food and nutrition, food and cultural beliefs, food and language, food and human growth, food processing and preservation and food and cultural change. In the seminar forty three scholars presented papers out of which editorial board has selected 21 papers which are relevant to the theme of the seminar. This volume contains five sections; each section is made based on the themes and the articles are arranged in the respective sections for the benefit of the reader.