Edited by Dev Pathak
  • ISBN : 9789386552556
  • year : 2017
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What does the idea/concept of South Asia mean in a time when borders have become absolute, predetermining our sense of self, culture, and politics? In a critical and creative engagement with this question, Another South Asia! attempts to explore novel possibilities beyond the stratagem of nation states. Amidst the shrinking utopias in the various disciplinary discourses due to the predominance of cartographic reason, the essays in this book propose a new lease to the utopian imagination of the region. Grounded in history, civilization, culture, and people across boundaries, located in the domain of post-disciplinary enquiries, this book enables a dialogue among the Sociologists and Social Anthropologists, students and scholars of International Relations, Literary and Performance studies, Art History, Diaspora studies, Historical and Civilizational studies and South Asian studies to name a few. This book will interest scholars as well as ordinary readers and persuade them to imagine another South Asia to ensure a better future of the region.