Another Harmony: Oral Tradition and Folklore of the Lambadas
Deepa Jyothi Banoth
  • ISBN : 9789353242275
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book makes an attempt to examine the nature and function of tribal literary genres, which are mostly in the oral form. The Lambadas have a rich tradition of oral narratives which include folk songs, tales, riddles and proverbs, which form part of their life and culture. It also examines the history, culture and identity of the Lambadas, through their customs and religious practices. The Lambada culture incorporates myth, legend, ritual and beliefs. This aspect provided a matrix for the folklore of the Lambada culture. The Lambada folklore represents the way of life both in the past and the present. The ideas, values and forms expressed by the people in the community reflect their culture and social identity. The Lambada community is mostly known for their culture and tradition. The oral tradition of the Lambadas re-constructs the history, culture and identity through the folklore in opposition to the popular understanding of the Lambada culture. These aspects are the aspects of the present book.