Animal Behaviour (8th Edition)
M P Arora
  • ISBN 13 : 9789352997367
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
The fascinating book is designed as a concise introductory guide to animal behaviour. It provides a window onto discoveries about the behaviour of animals, made by those who are prepared to stop and watch. The book provides a balanced and integrated treatment of the entire field of animal behaviour. This book is intelligible to the educated layman but it deals with some complex ideas. It is an adequate text for all requirements in this area for most under graduate. The book uses up-to-date examples to show how precise hypotheses may be formulated and tested experimentally. Special efforts have been made to explain ideas in non mathematical terms. The primary aim throughout has been clarity, simplicity and the high standard. This book will definitely prove to be a boon to teacher, students and research workers in the field of animal behavior. The book goes on to examine group behaviour among animals, and particularly how they communicate. Lastly, the book looks at social behaviour, the structure of animal communicated and how social relationships develop within them. In some cases involving different species associating and co-operating with each other. The aim of this book is to share with the reader some of the fascination and excitement of the latest discoveries and interpretations of animal behaviour. The book contains twenty one chapters and many of them are chiefly emphasized. Territoriality, Feeding and antipredatory behaviour, Biological communication, Orientation and succinctly described. Chapter pair more attention are Selection of habitat, Pattern of behaviour, Motivation, Sexual behaviour, Biological clock, Sexual behaviour, Sexual variation in human being, Behaviour of embryo, Fighting behaviour, Parental care, Social behaviour, Human behaviour, and Defensive behaviour. Contents : 1. Introduction 2. Selection of Habitat 3. Patterns of Behaviour 4. Territoriality, Aggression and Conflict Behaviour 5. Feeding and Antipredator Behaviour 6. Learning 7. Motivation 8. Biological Communication 9. Biological Clock 10. Orientation 11. Social Behaviour 12. Evolution of Behaviour 13. Hormones and Behaviour 14. Behavioural Genetics 15. Sexual behaviour 16. Human Behaviour 17. Sexual Variations in Human Beings 18. Behaviour of Embryos 19. Fighting Behaviour 20. Parental