An Introduction to the Yogasutra
Ramshankar Bhattacharya
  • ISBN : 9788121702058
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Foreword. Preface. I. Yoga and Yogic Tradition. 1. Yoga and Yoganusasana. 2. The Existence of Pre-Patanjalian Yogic tradition and yoga-treatises. 3. The Hiranyagarbha Sastra-a pre-Patanjalian treatise. 4. Contents of the Hiranyagarbha-sastra as stated in the Ahirbudhnya-samhita. 5. A wrongly conceive pre-Patanjalian treatise (in sutra) on yoga. II. The Composition of the Yogasutra. 6. Coherence in the four-fold division of the Yoga-Sutra. 7. Is the fourth pada a subsequent addition? 8. Some sutras of doubtful authorship. 9. Anomalous placing of some sutras. 10. Is it justified to hold that the Yogasutra is a work of multiple authorship? 11. A note on the sutras in the Yogasutra. 12. A note on the variant reading in the Yogasutra. 13. Wrong readings of a few sutras. 14. A verse of the Krsnacarita on the Yogasutra. III. The Author of The Yogasutra. 15. The name Patanjali. 16. The mythical life of Patanjali. 17. Identity of the Yogin Patanjali with the author of the Mahabhasya-an unfounded view. 18. Imaginary identity of the author of the Yogasutra with the author of certain medical treatises, of the Patamarthasara and of some other works. 19. A verse of the Vakyapadiya on the identity of three Patanjalis. 20. Identity of Patanjali whose statement on dravya has been quoted in the Vyasabhasya. IV. Date of The Yogasutra. 21. Factors that determine the date of the Yogasutra. 22. Futility of arguments advanced to prove a later date of the Yogasutra. 23. Does Buddha's silence about the Yogasutra mean its non-existence at his time? V. Imports of A Few Words In The Yogasutra. 24. Wrong explanations and renderings of some words in the Yogasutra. 25. Varta a wrongly conceived word in the Yogasutra. 26. Notes on a few rods (kusida, janmakathanta, jyotismati, sarvaratna, punch, alasya, vikse - pasahabhu, dirgha-suksma, va). Appendices.