Dr Bharat Dasharath Khandagale and Dr Ghanshyam S Yelne
  • ISBN : 9789386655677
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Rural development means not only availability of urban amenities and facilities in rural areas but also the concept of rural development is very multi-dimensional having many faces. After independence Indian government has taken many efforts to push the country in the bracket of developed countries but still there are many barriers. In every five year plan, Govt. has framed the goals of development with strategic plan but majority of goals are remain due to grass root circumstances, one of them is lack of people participation. Many previous reports, statistics and research have point out the importance of people participation to achieve developmental goals of any scheme. The process of People Participation in various Govt. schemes and initiatives are become very necessary in the present condition to sustain the programme. The new developmental policies and commissions also give priorities to lead the involvement of grass root people and stakeholder in developmental initiatives. Role of Youth’s Community Based Organizations (CBOs) at community level is becoming very crucial to enhance the people participation in various developmental initiatives. It’s improved the Social Capital of their community and contributes to develop linkages with various sources. Present situation of our country demands people centric development, the centre of developmental programme should be a common man. Amidst the economies that are crashing under the pressure of global crisis, India is one of the few economies still growing strong at 7%. But can this phenomenal growth be sustained? It is possible only if this growth is viii An Intervention of CBOs in Rural Development inclusive. This means that bottom of the pyramid should not be left behind in the process of development. Policy makers have made several attempts to achieve this objective. But the success of such efforts is impossible unless the community is involved.