An Indian I Am
K K Muhammed
  • ISBN : 9789355210807
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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This is the autobiography of an Indian Archaeologist who had the courage to speak the truth both against the Marxist historians and Hindutva groups. He Believes in public Archaeology and takes archaeology to the common man through the print and visual media and also floating innovative student programmes such as ‘Adopt A Heritage’ and ‘Grey Revolution’. His human engineering with dacoits of Chambal valley and naxals of Jagdalpur enabled him to penetrate into the forbidden land and conserve many monuments. The Replica Museum set up by him in Delhi, behind the Siri Fort auditorium, swimming against the current popular ideological slogans, demonstrated his unflinching faith in Indian culture and civilisation. He not only freed many monuments from encroachments by fighting against the powerful religious groups and land mafia but also added around forty acres of land to the immovable property of the Archaeological Survey of India in Delhi. In a refreshing departure from the construction and conservation work sites where workers toil and sweat, he introduced a human element by running children’s schools, adult schools, and free food. This book also has a_ thought- provoking chapter on marketing Indian Heritage, a business diversification model. Above all, it reads like a book of Positive thinking and creative ideas. By the time, you finish the book, it may change your thoughts and outlook. About the Author "KK Muhammed, retired from the Archaeological Survey of India is a public archaeologist who believes in taking heritage to the general public. He had his field training in Archaeology at Ayodhya, under Prof. BB Lal. An original thinker, Mr. Muhammed set up a Replica Museum in the National capital where Replicas of the Masterpieces of Indian Art are exhibited. He also floated ‘Adopt A Heritage Scheme’ using the students as ‘Non- Conventional Energy’ and ‘Grey revolution’ a movement to save the unprotected historical structures through public participation. Compassionate in his spirit, during the Common Wealth 2010, he set up five slum schools for the children of migrant labourers and these children had the privilege of meeting Mr. Barrack Obama, the American President and first lady Michell Obama. Mr. Muhammed is a recipient of three International Awards, five National Awards, one State Award and a number of public Awards. In 2019, he has been Conferred the prestigious Padmashri by Govt. of India."