An Illustrated Ardha-Magadhi Dictionary: With Sanskrit, Gujrati, Hindi and English Equivalents, References to the Texts and opious Quotations (5 Volumes Set) Reprint, first published in 1923
Shatavadhani Jain Muni Shri Ratnachandraji Maharaj
  • ISBN : 9788120805071
  • year : 1998
  • binding : Hardbound
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A compilation of the words and expressions of the ancient Ardha-Magadhi language planned and executed on scientific. The work uses five languages. The basic words in Ardha-Magadhi have been explained in four languages, viz. Sanskrit, English, Gujarati and Hindi. The concept of nada in the form of Pranava or Omkara has dominated Indian culture, civilization, and philosophy right from Vedic times. Having regard to this kind of tradition, the author undertook an investigation into the concept of nada, by taking it as the subject matter for his doctoral thesis, since the research of this kind was wanted and novel.