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Amir Khusraw's India (with CD)

Amir Khusraw's India (with CD)

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Author:Akhlaq Ahan and Ravi Kumar
Subject:Language and literature

About the Book

Khusraw's richly variegated literary and artistic oeuvre, that have long attained the status of classic, complemented by his legendary life and personality, makes an Indian personage and emblematic figure par excellence, who represents and embodies the composite and multi-cultural heritage of the sub-continent. Hardly any other historical personality of the sub-continent could match the popularity of this gigantic figure of the Indo-Persian poetry in the span of last many centuries. He was a versatile genius unparallel in the literary history of any civilization, not only on for his expertise and mastery over many disciplines of knowledge and art, but also because he creatively enriched and invented genres and lent new shades to whatever subject or form that he touched. He was a poet par-excellence of Persian, Hindawi and Arabic; a musician who synthesised Perso-Indian traditions, invented instruments, ragas and musics, a spiritual disciple of great Sufi mystic Nizamuddin Aulia; an awakened thinker who reflected on the socio-political and cultural milieu of his time and preserved it in his writings, the patriot who for the first time in the history of Indian poetry eulogiged the colors and contours of the geography and civilization of this land. As a poet, he excelled as the unsurpassable one, who could rub his shoulder with all the greats of Persian poetry. He possessed the poetic brilliance and craftsmanship of Nizami, the grandiose imagination of Anwari, and magnificence of Khaqani. The quality of his poetry which includes creative verve and exuberance, and more over the enormity of prolificacy with rich sensitivity of versification certainly makes him equal to any poet of the world. He is a gift to the Indian civilization, and which is proud of him as Iran is of Firdausi, Saadi and Hafez, Greece of Homer, England of Shakespeare, and Spain of Cervantes. Nonetheless, Khusraw stands distinct among all these greats. The book includes a CD containing Persian & Hindawi Sufi poems of Amir Khusraw sung by leading Qawwals of the sub-continent i.e.: Khbaram raseeda im-shab, Kafir-e-Ishqam, Chhap tilak sab chhini re (by Farid Ayaz); Chashm-e-Mast-e-Ajabe (by Ghulam Husain Niazi), Aaj rang hai, Bahut Kathin Hai Dagar Panghat ki (by Ghulam Qadir Niazi Nizami).