AMERICANS: You Can Win the Worlds! If You Do So ???
Lakshmi Narayan
  • ISBN : 9789388519106
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The United States of America is a typical country of modern world, which had no past like the countries of Asia and Europe, and had no hereditary nobility, not at all possessing relic of feudalism. It is the nation of immigrants. Its democracy is not pompous if not ideal but more matured and superior to other democracies. Its constitution is well designed. The prime feature of American Constitution is that it gives recognition to the principle of popular sovereignty. In way of achieving their marvellous role in various fields, Americans find rock like Giant standing ahead on their path i.e. their fallacious foreign policy which hampers the pre-eminence of theirs great country. The tricks of their intelligence agency CIA made unaccountable loss to the image of their country. Their country has become bigger harbinger of arms race. It is the world’s ‘principal merchant of death.’ ‘Permanent Mobilization for War and Military-Industrial Complex’ is the saga of American Economy. Subtracting the dark side there is visible — something positive and creative. Then, there are more creative avenues than destructive. For doing so, they should learn from History — that mighty empires of yesterday are forgotten, but imprints of their creative impression not so easily vanished. If Americans are determined to do some creative and durable things, then history will inspire them to be saga of mankind. Their country is itself the fine abode of new ideas, so it is said that Americans are born in ideology. If Americans’ dominant determination is true, and they make pledge for its implementation, then their daring will, will like to do what the title of the book makes prediction for them. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The Author of the Book is Laxmi Narayan. He worked as section officer in Bihar Government. Author's first book ,Believe in God Not in Religion is appreciated by British Library London, Oxford University Press and then President of India late A P J Kalam and others.