America Through the Eyes of China and India: Television, Identity, and Intercultural Communication in a Changing World
Edward D Sherman
  • ISBN : 9789389391381
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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America has long exported its network and cable programming abroad, but with a changing world comes a changing dynamic. As global centers of power shift, and wealth becomes redistributed, and perhaps even re-centered, vast audiences which have never before had contact with American television will begin to gain access to the full wealth and abundance of American programming. The opening of new markets and new audiences, particularly within the growing superpowers of China and India, presents us with a novel situation. It is one thing for a show like The OC to be played in a nation like England, where the cultural and religious differences with the United States are not that profound, and quite another for it to air in a nation like India, where arranged marriages, the caste system, and pervasive poverty are still everyday realities. America Through the Eyes of China and India explores the dynamics of television, identity, and cultural communication, providing a new lens for encountering, interpreting, and judging American culture and the American identity. Table of contents Introduction Scene #1: India Chapter 1: Globalization, Culture, and Identity: Oh my! Exercise #1 We are the World Getting Cultured The Oracle at Delphi Chapter 2: Watching TV is good for You Exercise #2 Watch what you are Doing Keeping it Real 3-2-1 Contact Not so Secret Code Speaking in Many Voices Drink the Kool Aid Getting to Know you, Getting to know all about You Chapter 3: A Slow Boat to China Exercise #3 Ni Hao Confucius Says Act without Acting Rub my Belly The Little Red (section of this) Book Chapter 4: (Not) Watching TV in China Thank you for watching Chinese Central Television Breaking the Law Mind numbing Goodness Friends Prison Break Lost Chapter 5: A Passage to India Exercise #4 (Dis)orientation This God is your God, this God is my God, From Varanasi to the Bay of Bengal A Moment with the Mahatma Thank you for Calling Bangalore, err... I mean AOL Chapter 6: Watching TV in India Hey you can Watch TV on TV Here You will obey Rupert Murdoch More Mind numbing Goodness The Simpsons Heores The OC Chapter 7: This is America Exercise #5 America the Beautiful Of Saints And Sinners Through the Eyes of Another Globalization Redux Come together right now over Me Chapter 8: Ignore your Mother, Talk to Strangers Exercise #6 Can We Talk? Mission Control: We have Contact I am right. No, I am right. No, no, I am right, No, no, no I am right... I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in perfect Harmony We Need to Talk In Praise of Misunderstanding Let's get Together The Glowing Messiah Conclusion Scene #2: China