Ambedkar for Scheduled Caste
Mehul Singh Gaba
  • ISBN : 9788194765684
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Caste is a system in which determination of position, rights and duties of an individual is done on the basis of the birth of such individual in a particular group. In other words we can say that, the status of an individual is determined by birth. Under caste system an individual is not allowed to change its status. We can say that it is a rigid form of stratification system, which restrict the mobility and distinctness of status. Due to the caste system several evil prevails in the society. Under a caste system and individual is compel to follow the caste occupation. Caste system leads to untouchability. It restricts the growth of brotherhood among people and also it hold off national unity and create obstacles to social progress. Caste system denies equal rights of individual, that why it is considered as undemocratic. With the legacy of Dr. B R Ambedkar, the Indian constitution guaranteed to all citizens the fundamental rights and equal protection before the law. It provides a number of safeguards to Scheduled Castes to ensure their all-round development and protection against all kinds of the discriminations in India. But most of the provisions of the constitution have remained only on paper because their implementation has been faulty, half-hearted and inadequate and inequality, discrimination, exclusion, and stigmatization can jointly contribute to the utter marginalization in India. This valuable book will be an essential reading for students and all interested in Ambedkar and Dalit Studies.