Ambedkar and the Bhangis: efforts for their upliftment
Shyam Lal
  • ISBN : 9788131608982
  • year : 2018
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Even though born in a lower caste, Dr Ambedkar educated himself to surpass the upper castes and awakened the lower castes to their rights and became their messiah. Of late, several individuals and political parties have questioned and criticized the efforts of Ambedkar for upliftment of the Bhangi community in particular. In the nineties, Ambedkar and Bhangis were a dominant theme of national discourse. Bhangi youths have even challenged Ambedkar’s role in their amelioration. This book is aimed to settle this debate and dismiss all such claims regarding Ambedkar’s contribution in the upliftment of untouchable castes and communities. Based on primary and secondary sources, the book primarily addresses three questions: • Why did such a movement questioning Ambedkar’s mission take place; • What were the specific efforts of Dr Ambedkar for the upliftment of the Bhangi community; • How did Gandhi and Congress respond to this movement. This comprehensive study, by a veteran author, will prove to be an essential reading for all those who have questioned Ambedkar’s contribution in the emancipation of Bhangis. This will also serve as a resourceful guide to postgraduate students and researchers of political science and sociology.