Amazing Secrets of Hinduism: Hindu Culture and Incredible India
E D Viswanathan
  • ISBN : 9789353335304
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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This book unfolds the complex nature of Hinduism in an easy-to-understand format and helps enrich our understanding of Hinduism as a culture. After two international bestsellers, am I A Hindu? And amazing secrets of the Bhagat Gita, Ed viswanathan’s third book is an equally thought-provoking and educational book on Hindu culture and the history of India. The whole idea behind this book is to educate people about India and Hinduism from a cultural and historical perspective, in simple language. The narrative is presented in the form of topics that focus on explaining key concepts such as karma, Maya, heaven and hell; and questions such as ‘who is a Hindu?’, ‘why should I be a Hindu?’ and ‘what makes Hinduism great?’. This book is a must-read, especially for Cynics, as the author invites readers to investigate and question everything in the book, since a true seeker will only search for truth.