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ALL ABOUT MEDITATION: Art and Science of Fulfillment and Euphoria

ALL ABOUT MEDITATION: Art and Science of Fulfillment and Euphoria

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Author:Ashok Tyagi
ISBN 13:9789388691857
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Yoga and meditation

About the Book

This book provides guidelines, strategies and writing activities to help in developing academic writing skills and confidence among academic writers and researchers in expressing themselves in their writing. It provides an overview of the knowledge, skills and good working practices needed to craft plagiarism free writings in the ‘academic style’. The book is divided into chapters and tasks, which can be referred to complete the different stages of academic writing task. A unique feature of the book is that different tasks, examples and figures have been used to clear the concepts and procedures related to academic writing. The book may be found useful by the researchers and all the stakeholders in education. Contents: Stage One Curious Explorer Crossing Over Preparatory Issues Body or Mind not being Who We Are Advancing Indisputable Acceptance Practising Santosha: Contentment with Gratitude Living in the Present Moment Cultivating Art of Detachment Crossing over Myths Surrounding Meditation Role of Teachers in Meditation Journey Obstructions and Hindrances for Meditation Stage Two The Beginner Uplifting Moral Standards Developing Positivity in Attitude Magnifying Self-Awareness Invigorate Willpower for Self-Control Making Efforts for Unlocking Success in Meditation Meditation Techniques and Practices Mindfulness Meditation as most Recommended Practice Stage Three The Regular Meditator Controlling Mental Distractions Other General Practices for Improving Meditation Embracing Mauna, the Voice of Silence Concentration—Disciplining the Mind for Undivided Attention Crossing over Materialism Stage Four The Skilled Meditator Regulating/Training the Mind Transcending the Ego Beyond all Subjectivities Challenging Frustrations/Obstacles for Advance Meditators Raising Self-consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness Bibliography Index