Ailments and Complaints Before, During and After in Homoeopathy
Dr Ramanlal P Patel
  • year : 1999
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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In the preface he explains -what made him to construct this book .The work is based on Kents repertory of homeopathic materia medica 6th edition. He highlights the importance of ” the symptoms that cannot be explained”. Complaints or ailments before, during & after an event or episode may help the physician to find out the simillimum. He gives one case of chronic headache after repeated injuries cured by Arnica as an example. Another feature of the preface is that Dr. Patel criticizes the modern repertories like Synthesis as having many mistakes. Additional rubrics & remedies are doubtful additions copied from one to the other without verification & confirmation. Mistakes are made even in grading of remedies while copying them. He is putting an example the rubric – Absent minded without mentioning the name of the repertory Certain repertories are having symptoms & remedies which are not found in the source book mentioned. Even certain source books are found to be not available or printed anywhere at anytime. Arrangement of the rubric: There are 3 sections in the book 1. ailments & complaints before 2. ailments & complaints during 3. ailments & complaints after Rubrics are arranged alphabetically under each chapter in the same pattern as that of Kent’s repertory ( from mind to Generalities). Chapter with page no. is given at the right hand side of each rubric in the following manner